Meet the founder

Sandy Kellin - 1979 

From bobsled champion to creating globally renowned sports nutrition, Sandy is an all-round authority on sport. He lives and breathes it. 

As a former collegiate athlete, Sandy found himself on the US bobsled team, and after a number of injuries, looked for a product to help with his shoulder and knee pain. After a lot of research, Sandy decided to just make the perfect joint product himself, and so Joint 4 was born.

Initially aimed at the European medical market, Sandy designed a range of products to help with overall health. The focus was to provide products that had ingredients with scientifically backed quantities of vitamins and minerals. Sandy wanted to avoid any gimmicks and only included ingredients that the human body could readily absorb rather than using trace levels of ‘trendy’ ingredients. After a beer with a friend, Sandy thought how it would be great if there was a product that could reduce lactic acid specifically. After months of research and testing, Xendurance lactic acid buffer was created...

The product so good, no-one wants to talk about it

Before long, the US soccer team had caught wind of Xendurance, as well as Olympic swimmer Jason Lezak. In the run up to the Beijing Olympics, Jason’s trainer found Xendurance and tried it out with the team. Jason then went on to anchor the 4x100m free relay, in probably the most dramatic race you’ll ever watch and the fastest 100m relay split in history.

This exact moment gave Sandy the confirmation that what he was creating really worked. The next few years were then full of growing the business, creating new products and proving that Xendurance is world class in research grade sports nutrition through clinical studies and extensive testing.

Sandy is passionate about giving people the tools and products they need to live a longer, healthier life. He continues to find new innovative ways to help people perform at their best, and this spirit has carried across the whole of Xendurance.