Xendurance is a sports nutrition company that was started in the USA in 2006 when the formula, Xendurance (Extreme Endurance in the USA) was under development.

The parent company, Xendurance LLC., is located in Arizona. Xendurance LLC's goal was to develop an all-natural, drug-free product, which would improve an athlete’s performance by improving both aerobic and lactate acid threshold.

Xendurance also wanted to develop a formula that would safely reduce the “culprit” known as lactic acid.

Lifespan International recognised that athletes not only benefit from performance products but they also need to protect their health and immune systems from the trauma of rigorous training schedules. With that in mind, Xendurance LLC continuously expands the Xendurance product line of power-packed multi-vitamins, omega and joint formulas, protein and electrolyte drinks, with unique formulas backed by science.

What distinguishes Xendurance from other sports nutrition companies is that the we showcase product, Xendurance, has a twp published, Gold-Standard, third party, double-blind, placebo-controlled, crossover study. Many companies make substantial claims on individual ingredients, but Xendurance has a published study on the complete formula, not just the ingredients.“Third party” testing is also important because it means that Lifespan International did not know or hire the actual facility that did the testing therefore no bias was influencing the outcome of the study.

You can read the 2nd study using this link

Xendurance was the first sports nutrition product made in the USA, to be certified drug-free by HFL;  INFORMED SPORT, the World renown, sports doping laboratory.

Xendurance continues to provide research and studies that prove their products.

Xendurance continues to be on the forefront of using this science and success in providing sports nutrition to athletes in every sport, no matter the level of participation or performance.