Xendurance announce new partnership with Do 3

Xendurance announce new partnership with Do 3

Xendurance Europe (www.xendurance.eu) are pleased to announce a new sponsorship deal with Do 3 (www.do3.co.uk) coaching for the 2021 season, continuing on their existing relationship.

Do 3 Coaching offer triathlon coaching and are one of the UK’s largest triathlon squads. The partnership with Xendurance Europe will offer significant opportunity for coaches and athletes as well as direct relationships between the brand and members.

Xendurance will be named sponsors of the new Do3 venue in Warwickshire, involving providing product for members to use, access to education on nutrition and hydration and working closely with athletes on improving their performance through supplementation. They will also be sponsoring the Do 3 event in 2021 ‘On the Edge’, including providing hydration and nutrition support for competitors as well as on-site advice.

Do 3 will select a group of high performing athletes to work closely with Xendurance as ambassadors of the brand, giving huge opportunity to the athletes. This will involve product deals as well as media opportunities throughout the year, helping to increase exposure for the athletes across social media platforms, and also supporting their training with products.

Do 3 coaching will also be featured across the Xendurance website as a named partnership, with athletes and coaches having the opportunity to write blog posts that will be shared across social media. Athletes and coaches will also be regularly featured across all social media platforms.

To find out more about Do3 - please visit: www.do3.co.uk

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