Five mindset approaches to unlock your full potential

Five mindset approaches to unlock your full potential

At its core, mindset is a term that reflects our overarching set of thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about who we think we are as a person and as an athlete. It also reflects our beliefs about what we think we are capable or incapable of achieving as well as our attitude to how we show up in different areas of our lives. 

“Mindset isn't about seeking a result. It's more about the process of getting that result. It's about the journey and the approach. It's a way of life” - Kobe Bryant. 

Here are five mindset approaches that have been pivotal to enabling growth and unlocking my performance potential that you can try:

  1. If you know your ‘why’ you can bare almost any how: “The person who loves walking will walk further than the person who loves the destination” Truly understanding who you are and why you have chosen this path is crucial to your success especially when faced with adversity and setbacks along the journey. Your attitude and beliefs will pull you through the hard times and will ultimately shape your results.

  1. Consistency Compounds: Growth isn't easy - It's about taking the hard right over the easy wrong on a daily basis whether you feel like doing it or not. You must take ownership of the steps that bring success. 

  1. Your mental state can take you two ways - up or down: With the wrong mindset you risk losing/failing before you have even begun. Try to go into every session with a plan, train with purpose and enjoy the process of achieving your full potential in the sport(s) of your choosing.

  1. Failure isn't final: If you are truly pushing yourself and seeking growth, no matter if it's in sport, work or life, you will find failure along the journey. We should not be scared of failure but instead actively seek and embrace it. If we do not seek failure we are depriving ourselves of one of the world's greatest teachers - your potential increases with every failure, since it is these experiences that give us the most dramatic growth. 

  1. Doubt is only dangerous when you doubt yourself: This one is simple - If you want something and you believe in yourself, it's achievable. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

Those who are performing at an optimal level are not leaving their mental game up to chance. Athletes and coaches of all abilities are understanding the importance of psychology in their overall performance, including how mindset training and tools improve their connection to sport and general sense of well-being.

Author Matt Bevan will under take the Grit Challenge in August 2022 - 31 x Half Ironman Triathlons in 31 Days whilst attempting to hit a 125kg Snatch and 150kg Clean on each day. More details can be found on the challenge here

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