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Hydro - Polvere elettrolitica, 25 porzioni, limone-lime

Hydro - Polvere elettrolitica, 25 porzioni, limone-lime

This product has now been discontinued and has been replaced with Hydro stix.

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Hydro helps you to stay hydrated all day long. Hydro contains just 1 gram of sugar compared to leading energy drinks which may contain up to 32 grams of sugar per serving. Combined with premium electrolytes, Hydro contains an ingredient called Alltamine®. This powerful ingredient promotes increased absorption of water into the cells helping to improve muscle recovery and energy. Hydro targets muscle cramping and can be taken any time during the day or whenever you need to rehydrate and recharge

✅ Blend of electrolytes and minerals

✅ Contains electrolytes, including Sodium, Potassium and Magnesium

✅ Alltamine® - rapid absorption and rehydration

✅ Natural flavourings / low sugar


What is the best way to take Hydro? - If you are out there breaking a sweat and feel your energy draining away it may be time to reach for Hydro! By replenishing your electrolytes with a premium blend of vital minerals and the energy vitamins, B6 and B12, you will start to rehydrate and get your body back on track! Hydro is to be taken anytime you need hydration or feel cramps coming on. And it is not just in the summer time. We all don’t realise that we need hydration as much in the winter as in hot weather.
Hydro mixes incredibly well with Focus, Fuel-5, Fuel-5+ and Creatine-JB!

Refuel your Energy Levels with Lactate - Many athletes are now discovering the secret of Lactate supplementation – which triggers a noticeable boost in energy. Lactate is a natural by-product of exercise & the body’s preferred fuel source over glucose – shown to elevate athletic vitality, improve blood flow & increase VO2 max (the amount of oxygen that the body can use during exercise). Athletes who supplement with Lactate tend to perform at higher levels & recover faster – so whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional athlete. Lactate supplementation could be the missing-link to conquer your fitness goals and dominate competitors.

Water is not enough - Your body needs restorative nutrients. Did you know – 75% of adults experience chronic dehydration. It gets even worse for athletes constantly depleting their electrolytes… and it’s EXACTLY what Hydro was made for:

✔️ Brilliantly fuels your body for elite-level performance
✔️ Attacks muscle cramps/weakness no matter your age
✔️ Boosts endurance, stamina and recovery speed
✔️ Combats fatigue, sluggishness, headaches & heat stroke


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied balance diet and healthy lifestyle. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of young children. Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Do not exceed recommended daily dose.


1 scoop with 350-450ml water


Cane Suagr, Calcium Lactate, Magnesium Lactate, Potassium Chelate, Acidit Regulators ( Citric Acid, D-Potassium Phosphate, Sodium Chloride, L-Alanyl-LGlutamine (Alltamine®), Sweetener, (Steviol Glycosides), Flavouring, D-Calcium Phosphate, Selenium Methionine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Chromium Picolinate.

  • Product safety

    Hydro is covered by LGC and INFORMED SPORT. Each batch is tested for banned substances for your safety.

  • 1000's of happy customers

    Hydro has 1000's of customers who swear by it.

  • Money back guarantee

    Your satisfaction is important to us. Our products come with a 28 day money back guarantee

  • Vegan Friendly

    Hydro is vegan friendly. And, does not contain gluten, dairy, artifical flavourings or sweetners.

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Convenient hydration

Hydro contains necessary sodium and altamine to aid with hydration. The refreshing lemon flavour comes with zero artificial flavourings making it a go to drink for athletes in a workout or as a daily drink.