How to fuel for a competition

How to fuel for a competition

Whether it's your first ever scaled competition, or your 100th RX one, for many people fuelling the competition day / weekend can be a minefield. You've put in all the hard work training, spent hours finally mastering those pesky double unders, and yet all of this can be no use if you find yourself unable to fuel well. So, how should we approach a comp day, and make sure we can get the most out of every workout?

Before the day itself

A lot of people can find eating during a competition difficult. Long days, lots of adrenaline and a bunch of nerves can make eating challenging. That's where it gets really important to nail your hydration and nutrition in the days leading up to the event. 

Hydration is key. Make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of water per day. If you like coffee, remember the duiretic effect, and increase this level of water accordingly.

Stock up your carb stores. Glycogen is stored in the muscles and liver and is used as a fuel source in the production of ATP. High intensity training such as CrossFit places a high demand on ATP, meaning we need high levels of glycogen stored up in our bodies. Look to slightly increase your carb intake in the days leading up to the competition (although be wary to increase it by too much, as that could leave you feeling 'too full/heavy' - just have a bit more than you normally would). For the day before the comp make sure you're having some carbs, such as pasta or sweet potato, and be mindful of having some extra carbs during the day (fruit juice can be great for this!).

The morning of the comp

Now is not the time to try something new! Stick to your usual breakfast, and aim for something high in carbs, as well as getting in some protein and fats. A good example could be porridge, some nut butter and a protein shake. Also make sure you keep drinking lots of water.


Around 30-45mins before a wod, it can be helpful to have some easily digestible carbs, such as an Xendurance energy gel or drink some Xendurance Fuel 5


Getting carbs and protein on board in between workouts is key to help you recover. If you have over 2 hours, its ideal to have a full meal, ideally high in carbs and protein and low in fats (something like chicken and rice is ideal). Be mindful of your fibre intake - you don't want to be taking on too much with an already nervous stomach, so avoid dried fruits!

For many of us, the thought of eating can be hard, so look for liquid sources - for example mixing Xendurance Protein and Fuel 5 can give you an easily digestible fuel source. Also look at things like bananas, malt loaf and sweets as these are easy to eat and digest.


The evening after the competition, make sure you are getting on board lots of protein and carbs to help your body recover as quickly as possible. You've put your body through a lot, so get the calories on board and enjoy it! 

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