Making the Most of Indoor Training

Making the Most of Indoor Training

The Summer has come to an end in the Northern Hemisphere with a definite chill in the air in the mornings. This change in weather prompts many to start contemplating dusting off that turbo trainer and/or treadmill and getting the fans ready. I train indoors year-round due to the ability to get in a much more focused workout and it works better for me around childcare and the demands of modern life. Here are a few tips to get the most out of your indoor workouts

  • Find you why - Having easy access to answer the ‘Why am I doing this?!’ question we all ask ourselves when we are buried deep in a tough set will keep you focused and pushing your boundaries. This could be a visual piece in front of you such as a race poster, pictures of your loved ones (or rivals!) or your goal for next season written in big letters.

  • Invest in fans - I don’t think there are ever enough fans for indoor training, and it is certainly worthwhile investing in some good heavy duty fans that you can fix in the right position. These will aid in airflow over the body and help keep you cool, mimicking the effect wind has when we are outdoors but without the drag.

  • What keeps you motivated during a session? I am often asked how I can bear to be on the treadmill for 90mins not going anywhere. The answer to that is good tunes and something visual in front of me. I use Zwift to help my indoor training for both cycling and running though other platforms also exist. On the treadmill, even though I am not physically going anywhere my avatar on the screen is and that certainly helps with the boredom factor many suffer with. These days I rarely have music on due to the train as you race philosophy but when something extra is needed, a good bit of classic rock doesn’t go amiss.

  • Keep your focus - It is as easy to do junk miles indoors as it is outside so take some time to plan your sessions and program. A lot of the online platforms have pre-built training sessions ready to use in them so utilise these to ensure you’re getting a good workout whether it is HIIT, tempo or endurance focused.

  • Don’t go overboard - Indoor training is hard, there are no traffic lights to stop at or cafes on route. Make sure you are allowing yourself adequate rest and recovery between sessions, particularly the hard ones. It can be very easy to get sucked into doing way too much, especially when people discover virtual racing.

  • Fuelling is also very important and can be overlooked especially if you are trying to squeeze sessions in before or after work. I’ve really felt the benefits of using Xendurance Fuel 5 for my turbo sessions. It gives me the extra energy I need for the intense effort without keeping me awake all night and hindering my recovery. I used to just use water with a dash of cordial and would always start flagging after an hour.

Remember those winter miles will make for Summer smiles! Good luck
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