7 Secrets To Stay On Track Over The Holidays

7 Secrets To Stay On Track Over The Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching. That means gatherings and reunions keep you on your toes throughout the season. 

While the holiday cheer will fill your heart with warmth due to the joy your loved ones can bring during your events, it may cause you to forget about your health and get sidetracked from your goals. 

Fortunately, you can avoid the holiday health slump with just a few tricks. Want to know how to do it? Read the rest of the article to stay on the right track in your health journey while enjoying the festivities.

Find out the secrets to staying on track while enjoying all the merriment this season. 

1. Be Realistic 

Since the holidays are filled with parties and gatherings, feasting on sumptuous dishes can be hard to resist. 

While staying fit and healthy throughout the year should be your goal, you should not beat yourself up too much if you overindulge in your favorite holiday treats. 

It is also okay to miss your gym schedule while on a break. Skipping one workout session or two will not turn all the muscles you built over the past months into fats. But it also does not mean that you will abandon your fitness journey during this time. 

Sticking to your goals is faster if you set attainable expectations for the coming holidays. For example, expect to maintain your current weight instead of losing more during the season if you are on a weight loss journey. 

You may also set a workout schedule at least twice a week instead of your regular daily schedule at the gym. By doing this, you will not feel bad about missing your workout session if it coincides with one of your holiday parties. 

You will enjoy the holidays without guilt by setting attainable fitness goals for the coming weeks.

2. Follow the 80/20 Rule 

An excellent way to set a realistic goal is following the 80/20 rule during the holidays. 

In this rule, you should stick to your weekly diet and fitness plan 80% of the time. It means that your regular eating and workout habits should stay the same. 

Then, allocate 20% of your weekly schedule to revel in the holidays. During this time, you can feast on all the meals, drinks, and desserts to your heart’s content. 

This rule will help you keep track of your fitness goals without crushing your spirits if you indulge in some sinful treats. 

If you need help prioritizing which parties to choose for your feasting days, you may write a list of events on your calendar. Then, pick the one you will enjoy the most once you notice more than one event for the week. 

On the other hand, you must restrain yourself from overeating on days when you should remember your fitness journey. 

3. Designate an Accountability Partner 

Staying on your fitness journey will be easier and more enjoyable if you have someone to remind you of your goals. 

Plan to do your holiday workouts earlier in the day to clear your schedule for parties at night. You can make it easier by asking someone to do early exercises with you. You will not bail out or hit the snooze button on your alarm by having someone to work out with. 

You may also ask your accountability partner to remind you about your health goals. For example, if you must stay clear of sugar or need to increase your water intake, you may start a challenge with your friends to keep you motivated in your goals. 

4. Feast on Proteins

For your holiday feasts, you should make it a point to pile your plate with proteins to make you feel full faster. 

Adding more protein to your diet will make you feel less hungry and lower your appetite. It will also reduce your cravings for snacks. 

By consuming more proteins, you do not have to worry about overeating, especially the unhealthy food options. 

5. Eat Slowly 

Taking your time eating your meals during your holiday parties may also help your stay on the right track. 

Eating slowly makes your brain and stomach take a while before they catch up. Several studies also claimed that slow eating could help reduce food consumption by boosting your fullness hormones. 

Slow eating will also help reduce your calorie intake. As a result, it may help you lose weight even while feasting during the holidays. 

6. Bring Your Own Healthy Snacks 

If you think you control yourself from snacking during your holiday parties, you may opt to carry healthy treats or snacks so you can have something to munch while bonding with your favourite people. 

It can be anything from a colourful veggie or fruit tray with yogurt dip, pockets of nuts, or a pack of trail mix. You can also bring fruit skewers to have something naturally sweet for dessert if you want to reduce your artificial sugar intake. 

7. Hydrate with Water

Parties are always more enjoyable with wine. But remember, a glass of wine or a can of beer is laden with excess calories that could make you gain weight. Even carbonated sodas and cups of sweetened coffee can add inches to your belly. 

If you want to stay on your fitness track during the holidays, water must be your drink of choice. It will not only help you avoid unnecessary calories but allow you to avoid dehydration as well. 

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