Why you should train for multiple sports

Why you should train for multiple sports

When we talk to our customers time and again they are either training for multiple different sports or multi-discipline sports (think triathlon or Hyrox). But why? What are the benefits to the everyday athlete of having a multiple sports?

1. Improved overall fitness and athleticism- This is enough of a reason in itself. By having a broad range of training stimuli you are going to create an athlete that has a high level of adaptable fitness. You know that person (I'm convinced we all know someone like this) who just seems good at a lot of things, we are trying to make them. The difficulty here is that the broader we go the more difficult it is to be great at a specific pursuit. 

2. Reduced risk of injury - If we move in a broad range of ways at at a variety of intensities you are likely to reduce your risk of injury. This is because you are less likely to neglect certain muscle groups and joints.

3. Mental toughness - If you are constantly changing the way you are training you are required to be adaptable and resilient. You open yourself up to more risk of setbacks and disappointment, but by overcoming these challenges you are likely to become more mentally tough. 

4. Motivation - Sometimes you need a long term goal that requires 5-10 years of training to achieve, that can be a great thing. But, life can get in the way really quick, maybe you could pivot to a different sport and challenge yourself in a whole new way?

5. Broader range of skills - This is something I have recently come to appreciate. I have usually pursued sports with an element of endurance in them (running, triathlon, CrossFit, Hyrox etc.) but have recently taken up golf as a hobby. I have taken across strength and flexibility from my other training but I am picking up new skills all the time in a sport that requires a lot more hand eye coordination than what I am used to.

6. More opportunities for socialisation - One of the great things about sport is its ability to build communities around it. As an adult one of the easiest ways to expand your social circles is to try a new sport. From an outsiders perspective it seems that a lot of people take up cycling in order to go out for a coffee with their friends on a Sunday morning, and occasionally cycle a few miles.

Maybe consider trying a new sport this year, there are often open events and taster sessions you can sign up to. You might find something you'd never even consider...


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