Focus on the Difference

Focus on the Difference

The sport and gaming industry is flooded with products that boast “More Energy” and  “Better Focus”. We at Xendurance knew that if we were going to build an Energy & Focus product, we had to make it better than any other already available. 

Thus, the creation of Focus. This product touts all-natural flavouring and the most innovative nootropics on the market.

What is Focus Made of?

✅ 300mg AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC

✅ Beet Root Powder

✅ L-Theanine

✅ L-Tyrosine

✅ B6 & B12

✅ 130mg Caffeine from Natural Green Tea

How is our product Focus different? For starters, we didn’t skimp on the ingredients. Focus contains Alphasize Alpha-GPC, a patented, clinically tested, pharmaceutical grade nootropic a recent study supported the performance of gamers during virtual reality gameplay. 

Studies show that Alphasize Alpha-GPC aides in increasing power output, strength and agility and also helps to maintain and improve memory and concentration, and mental fatigue. Many companies use the generic version of the nootropic to save money, but what they save in cost, they lose in quality and efficacy.

Other companies typically include this ingredient in a proprietary blend to disguise the amount of Alpha-GPC that is actually in the product. The minimum amount for efficacy of Alpha-GPC is 100mg; Xendurance Focus contains 300mg of Alpha-GPC.

Beetroot powder is quickly emerging as a breakout superfood and with great reason. It is low in carbohydrates and packed with essential nutrients to help the body function  properly and efficiently. Studies show beetroot helps to improve natural energy and stamina, and promotes increased blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. Paired with L-Theanine, which promotes heightened focus, awareness, and energy, as well as L-Tyrosine, which promotes the body's production of neurotransmitters, we believe we have a winning blend.This blend also includes 130 mg of Natural Green Tea Extract which provides an added boost of energy. The lower dosage of natural caffeine allows the product to be safely consumed several times per day. 

We’ve had an overwhelming amount of positive responses within the first week of the Focus product launch. Customers have reached out to tell me:

“...Felt great and the 130mg of Caffeine did not make me feel jittery or out of the ordinary. Loved it- another one crushed by XND….Proud to be a part of it...” 

...Focus is probably my favorite product now. Great taste, fast acting, made me feel super alert and no jittery energy drink feeling. Hel, i even hit a 5# PR on my snatch today…” 

...Focus kept me going 10 of my 12 hour shift! I usually need extra energy around 3am, but I didn’t start to notice until 5am! I can’t wait to see how it’ll work and how long it’ll last for me during my workouts...

Don’t just take their word for it, try it for yourself! Do we have the winning blend? Is our Focus better than the rest? You be the judge and put Focus to the test.  

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