The time and place for Maltodextrin

The time and place for Maltodextrin

So, you want a way to boost your recovery and performance in the gym? Day in and day out, people are always looking for that 1% improvement that could take them to the next level. This could be the perfect workout, the perfect nutrition protocol, or even supplementation. 

Research has spent countless hours looking into different foods, nutrients, and minerals that can be taken for a boost. While there are MULTIPLE to consider, one to note is Maltodextrin.

This is something that can be taken to improve your endurance, boost recovery, and eventually provide an increase in overall performance. 

What is Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is a form of carbohydrate. In fact, it’s a complex carb that’s referred to as a polysaccharide. This just means that it’s made up of multiple simple sugars to create a more complex one. 

You can actually find maltodextrin in some foods as an additive to increase the mouthfeel and consistency. However, it does much more than that! 

When we exercise, we use up what is called glycogen, and this glycogen eventually runs out. When this happens, we start to notice that dreaded fatigue which often slows us down and decreases our work capacity. The only way in which we can effectively replenish it is by consuming more carbohydrates (which are made into glycogen). Maltodextrin is the perfect fit. It’s going to help you replenish what you lost, so you can continue working out. 

What about sugar?

Yes, Maltodextrin is considered a form of sugar. Sugar is going to cause a boost in your blood sugar, but this is something that can be beneficial if timed right. Sugar can be effective for the person using it as part of their Pre, Intra, and Post workout nutrition. Not only will it provide you with some super-fast fuel but will also boost your recovery rate. 

Maltodextrin is also a complex sugar, which means that the release into the blood stream will be a little slower. This is beneficial for those worried about blood sugar spikes. 

Maltodextrin vs Dextrose

Maltodextrin is a complex carb, while dextrose is a simple carb. Both of them are going to provide you with energy, however, the rates at which they do so may vary. Dextrose being so simple is an immediate boost of energy. So, this is super useful at all points (pre-intra-post) of a workout. Maltodextrin, being more complex, is going to give you a more extended release of energy. This also makes it perfect for all phases of a workout, it’s just a little different.  

How Does Maltodextrin Work?

When the body starts to break down Maltodextrin, you’ll be receiving a boost in energy. This is going to allow you to work for a longer and more extended period of time. Which means, you can increase your gains in the gym at a more rapid rate.

It’s also going to do wonders for improving your recovery and muscle synthesis. Our body releases insulin when we consume carbs. Insulin is going to pull all of the nutrients from the blood into your body to do what it’s meant to do. This effect can be paired with a consumption of protein (either as a shake or meal) to boost the amount of protein being sent to the muscles. Therefore, you end up with more recovery. 

More recovery means more gains! 

When Should You Consume Maltodextrin?

Maltodextrin is something you can consume at multiple points around a workout. It’s a great pre-workout supplement to give you some energy. At this point you’ll have some ready-to-go carbs on deck! 

It’s also a great intra-workout option. This means that you consume it slowly while you exercise. So, between sets or rounds you’re grabbing a swig of it. This is going to replenish what you’re losing as you work out, which is going to boost your endurance and ability to fight off fatigue. 

Lastly, you’ll see it used as a post-workout supplement. This is going to work on that insulin release we spoke about earlier. That rush of insulin paired with some protein is going to send it straight to the muscles like a sponge. This boosts your rate of recovery, which directly correlates to improvements. 

Maltodextrin is a great supplement that’s going to improve your endurance, recovery, and performance when consumed around your workouts. It’s something that fits into that pre-workout, intra-workout, and post-workout slot! Combine it with a protein powder and you’ll take things to an even higher level! 

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