A runners review of Collagen and Greens

A runners review of Collagen and Greens

By - Marcel van Dinther

After my first Ultra and in the run-up to my next road marathon, I’ve been starting to think about my overall health and nutrition alongside all the training kilometres I do in a year. From snacking too much and feeling like I don’t eat healthily enough, my weight started to increase and I felt lethargic. I knew then that something had to change.

Around that time I was introduced to Xendurance. Trying to eat healthier and get the right nutrients in can take a lot of time and effort; I decided to focus on changing one thing instead of a complete overhaul to my whole routine. I decided to give myself 2 months of drinking Xendurance Collagen and Greens and see how that helped me. It was an easy change to make; it gave me all the benefits of collagen and a daily green supplement, but was quick and easy to use.

I wasn’t sure how I would feel after 2 months; I wasn’t expecting much but was just happy to be making a positive change to my routine. However, after 60 days, the results were really surprising. The most unexpected changes were;

- More energy in the mornings. The main thing that struck me at the start of this year was that it took a lot of effort to get up and going in the morning. It often took two cups of coffee to feel good. As soon as I had Collagen and Greens, my energy increased dramatically. My whole life I have never been a morning exerciser. Now it is my favourite time of the day.

- The snowball effect. What I didn’t expect is the how drinking one daily shake would have such a snowball effect on the rest of my day.  I had started the day right so I didn’t want to put it to waste.  This doesn’t mean I never have sweets or coffee (my two great vices), but it’s easier for me to say ‘no’ and chose healthier options.

I was hesitant to start using Collagen and Greens because of the price tag. However, if you work it out, its about £2 a scoop. The quality you add to your daily nutrition is more than worth that £2! Not only are you getting a serving of kale, açai, berries, and superfoods like chorella and spirulina, you are also getting collagen which is essential to your body’s recovery process, especially if you train a lot. To me as an, ahem, “older runner”. It’s even more important because your regenerative capacity is naturally decreased.

A good comparison would be to a car. The well-known gels and sports drinks can be compared to the fuel, but the Collagen and Greens are the necessary oil. Your body needs it to function smoothly. At the end of the day, this is all we really want!

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